Yikes! We’re getting Married!

Crikey! It’s been so long that you probably thought we were lost at sea in the Atlantic. Updating can be a pain in the butt so today I’m learning to do it from my phone.

Marjorie & I are in France checking out the farm/stable/castle. She keeps asking what I want for the wedding reception. I say “Beer”. How can this be an inappropriate response?

“Should we have candles here?” “Beer”

One thought on “Yikes! We’re getting Married!

  1. Congrats on getting married, Mark. I’ve watched your YouTube videos and I know about you after owning my Beneteau 40 “Karma” for a few years cruising the Caribbean. I sold the boat back in March, 2022 mainly because my wife of 30 years gets seasick. Now I’m on the market for a Beneteau 393 and I will probably be single handing for the major passages and my wife will fly in… You are a funny guy and perhaps we will meet up some place. Best of luck to you, mate and Fair Winds to you and your bride!

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